As a parent, you have the responsibility to teach your child at home

The parents responsibility is not at all simple it is a vital role in their child’s education. Parents are facing multiple responsibilities and duties. All students are depended on their parents. And all parents are the role model of their child. So the parents responsibilities are not at all simple. In students education the parents have more responsible. The students education is more important for all parents. Commonly most of the parents are doing hard worked with her son/daughter bright future. The responsibilities in education is equally divided both the parent and student. The parents responsibilities at home is one of the important work for the parents. Many home activities are very helpful to the student for education. The home atmosphere is a most important factor for the education. The home atmosphere play an important role in education. The parents are making sure the atmosphere is pleasant or not. First of all create a good and pleasant atmosphere at the home, don’t make large sound or quarrel. Keep silent and pleasant mood. It improving the students interest on study. The home atmosphere is more effecting a students education. The next important responsibility of the parent is, make a good working place. That means the work place or the study room is also play a great role on students education. The study room at the home keeps very neat and orderly. The parents make sure the study room is comfortable and pleasant. The study room contain table, hair, shelf, fan, bulb, good air circulation, table lamp, etc. these all are important to a study room. Choosing the study room is also important, make sure good air circulation, light.

The wall color of the room is also important for the students, so please select very light colors like white or other simple color. The students learning is also depending the wall color. The white color is better for the students study room. The white color improves the students confidence and the white color fell very pleasant and happy. Another role for the parent is, encourage the students home work and learning activities. That is the parents give support to for doing their home works and other academic works. The academic work includes the assignments, project report, seminar report, etc. The parent support is more helpful to doing the academic work and the involvement of the parents improves the quality of learning and the students feel very happy. The parents are also involved to give help for doing the homework and also giving the instructions for doing the academic activities. All parents take time for spending with their child and share the personal experiences on school, at that time the child will get some ideas and knowledge about the life. The parents will monitor the students learning everyday and the parents are also making a contact with the class teacher of their child, it is very helpful to the parent and teacher because they are sharing the details about the student, so the parent and teacher will gets a clear idea about the child. Also the parents will discuss the problems with them and give the instruction for solving that problems, at that time the child will feel very happy, also that child will like their parents more. Also teach the moral values, like respect, discipline, compassion, etc. These are the home role of the parents. The education of the child is important for all parents. The parents will also providing the basic needs, like water, food, shelter, cloth, medicine. The responsibility in children’s education is not at all simple, it a big task.

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