How the parent-child relationship should be look like?

When a child born parents have many expectation about their child. Child-parent relationship is an invisible bond. The bond is keeping combinations of feeling, love, behavior, and expectations. This bond is needed for child’s development at the extent. We can see many relationships in our society and surroundings, but the parent-child relationship is very important. When a child born, it will affect on parents, age, behavior, experiences, and confidence level, also the marriage bond will keep stability. The true fact is, the child gets her parents attitude and behavior. Science technology is proved with help of DNA. Parents must have self confidence, because they need to face many problems related child and family. Also mothers should have sudden decision taking mentality, also when you are think about child in your family, ask yourself you are matured. Age is very important when you become parents. We know many persons are spoiled child career and life because of their ignorance and small-small complexes between them. When child entering family, your responsibilities are increasing and you should care all about your child. If you are waiting for second child, you must know some points, because they elder child never accept your newborn baby. Mentally your elder child doesn’t like share your love to anyone and he/she expecting all concentration to him. Also as parent you should have mental power. Here give some stage below based on parent-child relationship.


Child is learning basic lessons from their parents and family. Parents are teaching child which is right and which types activities are don’t do as a child etc. also give training to child about daily activities like, how to eat, sleep, wear dress, and how to use toilet etc. As a parent you are in the position of trainer. If you are backward to teach this all, child can’t do these alone and he/she keeps a distance from normal activities. That’s why you should care the child very well. Also child speaks and shows their behavior what they noticed. If the parent shows negative things, child also copy that without any changes. So that if any parents have bad habits, tries to avoid that and if you can’t, don’t do that in front of child. After teaching these all you are taking admission at school.

School age

In this age children are catching and observing all thing what they saw. When your child researched at home, play with him/her and spend a little time with them. Parent should ask each school day programs and ask the specialty and how was today at school. Check the school dairy. Many parents are considering their child’s school programs, and didn’t find time for spending with them. This will cause to lonely less and the child will fall into highly depression. You should ask each problem of your child and give solutions. If you are child has no confidence to do, motivate him/here, this will develop the self-confidence.


This age is very important. Parents must give more attention on their child’ activities and behavior, because it very dangerous. If your eyes are turned other way, they will followed wrong way like drugs and become a social criminal. You can see many reports on Medias, so that give the advice and tell the reality to them. Children don’t know more about society. Children are getting their freedom when reaching teenage. Parents should talk with them like friend and don’t rise when they do wrong. Tell the behind situations are clear their doubts. This way you can save your child from illegal activities. Many families are become divorced because of some small problems. When parents are doing like, these children are facing depression stage, they are expecting your care and attention. As a parent you should care on above mentioned points. Children have responsibility. Obey your parents and just do it what they were said. Don’t push them into sadness and remember always they are living only for you. Keep best relation always with your parents.

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