Importance of classroom atmosphere and teacher and students relationship

The teacher student relation is more essential for the students development. The teacher students bond is more important to the academic year. Teachers are the second parent of the student. Teachers involvement is more essential to a student, the positive relationship is essential to the academic success. The good teacher student relation becomes changing a good and learning friendly class room atmosphere. The students will feel safer and they are getting confident and interest for studying. The all students are likes a friendly behaving teachers, the students will also make interest for studying that teachers period or the class. A mutual respect is essential for both the teacher and the students. To making a good atmosphere is the role of teachers. The teachers behavior is an important factor for the learning. Some of the teachers are behaving stricter and others are behaving more friendly. All students are likes the friendly behaving teachers. The teachers responsibility is more important to the teaching field. The characteristics of a good teacher are; the teacher contains a good personality, the teacher will contain a deep knowledge on a particular subject, the teachers are also a good communicator and a good listener and contain the kindness. The teachers behavior is important because most of the students are copying the teachers behavior and teachers are the role model for some students, so the teachers behavior is more effected to the students learning and their behavior. The good teachers will contain some of the essential qualities that are; contain a good class room management skill, good behavior, they are contain good knowledge about the subject, curriculum and contain a good communication skill.

The class room management is a more difficult task for the teachers. To managing the students is the first duty of the teachers. The calm and quite atmosphere is more suitable to the class room. The peaceful atmosphere is essential to the class room. All are likes the peaceful atmosphere for learning. To making a good class room atmosphere is not at all simple, the teacher students bond is essential for the class room management. The teachers knowledge about a particular subject is also important, because the teachers duty is to teaching the student and to clearing the students doubts. So the deep knowledge about the subject is essential. The teachers communication skill is also important for the teaching field. That is, good communication with the parents and the students is important. The teachers attitude is also important to the result of that particular subject. Some of the teachers are taking more effort for the teaching, but the students are not learned well and the other type is the teachers are not taking the class perfectly. The effort is essential for both the teachers and the students. A hardworking person is always going to the success. The good teacher student bond will create a good class room atmosphere. The teachers are not only playing the teaching role only but also they are playing the role of the friend, parent or behaving a close person. The teachers are also teaching the moral values about the students. The class room is not only the study room, but also they will learn the life rules. The class room is making a good personality and behavior to the student. The teachers and the students are the part of the school system. To make the good learning environment is the role of the teacher. The teachers student relationship is important to the learning. The teachers are playing an important role in to the students life. A good teacher student relationship makes a good class room atmosphere.

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