Observation and skill are two side of one coin, is it true or not according to student's life

Student's life is very important because students are the next future of our society. Society has some expectations from the students. In the academic, teachers are working their hard for build good student. For becoming a good student, it is not enough to score good marks in your exams. A best student character is also good. Teachers first teach good characters and good behavior. Most of them are think that, in the academic, teachers are only teaching the syllabus but actually they teach all and all. Teachers teach to become a good person. Most of the student's character is not such supper before coming to school but in the education time teachers try their maximum to correct the mistakes and give good guidelines to live a good person. As like good character, the academic mark is also very important in student's life. As a student, observation and skill both are very important. Any task, observation and skill both are need. A student not has good observation skill then that student can't able to complete the task. In the academic, not only have single task but also many different tasks. As like exam, the all academic tasks are also very important. Some students are giving more importance to their exams rather than other academic tasks. In the classroom also teachers can't able to concentrate single students so that only if you are not have any observation skill then definitely without a doubt you can't get the actual data that you teacher teaching and in the final exam you feel very stress to score good marks in the exam and another thing is that, in the other academic task like writing task, here also the observation and other skills are very important. Some cases students get the chance to choose their own topics for their write my essay task, by getting this chance to choose their own topics then the students can't feel more stress because they choose known and their interesting topics. But some cases, teachers give the topics so that only here there is very less chance to get known topic so that only students want to study the topic and they want to collect data and all. Here if a student not have good observation skill then that student, can't able to manage the task properly and they feel very stress to complete the task.

In the academic, deadline meeting is very important. Here also the student who has good observation and other skills can only have to meet the deadline. The deadline is given by teachers. There is less chance to get different task with different deadline. Her also if the student dont have good time management skill then that student can't able to meet the deadline. Another important skill that all students should have is good communication skill. Communication is very important. Communication is best way of sharing the information's. As a student the main skill that you should have is good communication skill. Some students are very silent and they not mingle with others then it affect the future very badly because in the future, they want to attend interviews then that time they feel very stress to communicate with officers. In the case of attending an interview for a job, then the officers not first give the priority to that candidate communication skill and observation and after that the marks. Mark is also important but more important is communication skill. If a student have good marks in their academic but don't have good communication skill then definitely that student can't get good job. In the modern life observation skill is very important because here in today's world, all are very busy with their own work and here in the family also parents are busy with jobs so that only students want to do their own activity here is a student don't have good observation skill then they can't able to manage all task and here there is a big chance to feel bad and those students are become mentally upset and it affect their health. Good observation skilled students can able to manage their time properly and they know the proper way of controlling the works. A good observation skilled student is having self confidence and it helps students to win their life. The success is not only behind the academic score but also it is based on that student talent. Some students are talented in other fields. Here in the academic, teachers conduct many kinds of tasks and observe students and find out students talents and give full confidence and guidelines for that student to meet the proper success. Teachers give best guideline but for meeting the real success, students need good observation and skills. According to the students life, the observation and skill are two side of one coin, is it really true.

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