Which Brings Best from Students, Grading or Marking system?

There are a lot of debates going on regarding grading and marking system. A lot of people support grading system and they believe that trading system brings the best out of students across the world. However, there are many other people who assume that marking system is the best as it makes students more competent and knowledgeable. Without a doubt, both the sides have a good amount of arguments to back up their views. Both the grading and marking system try to enhance the learning of students and therefore, we cannot undervalue both the systems. However, both the systems have its advantages and disadvantages.

Lets us take a close look at grading and marking system:

Advantages of Grading and Marking System

Grading System

In education, a grading system is used to evaluate the educational performance of a child which is totally centered on points. Many people consider that grading system is much better than marks for the reason that grading system doesn't let down students too much. In grade system, whether a student scores 92 or 98, it will be rewarded with an A grade. So, the student who scored 98 will not think that he is more brilliant than the ones who scored 92. Grading system has the ability to takes the pressure off from the students. Grading system means that no competition between students for marks and also impartiality and equality can be maintained among students

Marking System

Marking system is focused on the marks that the students’ scores for an examination. Many people consider it as the best system suitable for students as it increases an interest amid students to score top marks than their friends. Under the marking system, students who are blessed with related caliber will have to study really ell to get top marks. Similar caliber students can overcome others by a fraction of a point. It promotes competitiveness. In order to score top mark, students will try to give more time to study and keep an eye on studies without forces from teachers and parents.

Disadvantages of Grading and Marking System

Grading System

Grading system is too loose and there is no healthy completion between students to score top marks. It does not give a chance for the students to think out of the box or something unique. It destroys students’ creative thinking. Grade system does not challenge students. The grade system makes no sense when it comes to making students intellectually better people. Students cannot be evaluated with regard to one another as students who score 92 and 98 will be graded under the same category. Under this system, the students will study to pass for the exam and not to learn for the future.

Marking System

In marking system, students aim at only scoring more marks than learning for the future. There is always a chance for creating hostility among students as the same caliber students get different marks for exam. Sadly, marking system generates a lot of stress and pressure among students as they will be evaluated by every mark they score. Although, marking system encourages healthy competition, there is a chance for students to divert competition to a negative light and creates envy among students. Marking system can show the way to the view that high marks, in place of acquiring real knowledge, are imperative.

It is very difficult to judge the efficiency of the marking system and the grading system as both systems aim to bring the best out of every student. In general, the marking system as well as the grading system has its good sides and negative sides. Marking system assist students to recognize their actual scores and understand their position. Grade system puts students in certain categories including A, B, and C.

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